Sourcing from China

Considering sourcing from China? It can be a beneficial practice for your business, but also overwhelming to get started. Utilizing an import agent helps to streamline the process and ensure your investments are protected. At Fenix, we offer a long list of services and benefits to help your business jumpstart relations with Chinese manufacturers. Our experience with Chinese manufacturers, cultural norms, and process improvements will help you be certain that your newfound relationships with China make a positive impact on your overall business.

When choosing a sourcing agent, there are two main options: hire a person to do the work in-house or find a local sourcing agent. A local sourcing agent, like Fenix, provides real benefits over other options including:
1) Understanding the local language and culture
2) Having a direct line to Chinese sources
3) A holistic view of what sources offer the best deal
4) Lower costs

Sourcing Trips

The initial process of setting up a relationship with Chinese supplies starts with a sourcing trip. Traveling to China alone without a sourcing agency is like walking into a new environment completely blind – especially if there’s a language barrier.

Fenix helps clients by handling all aspects of the sourcing trip. We understand that language, have established relationships, and we hold a deep understanding of what’s a good deal. We also take care of the intricate projects involved in international relations including:

1) Identifying and processing the necessary documents including travel visas
2) Travel arrangements including hotel accommodations
3) Arrange meetings with the decision makers
4) Schedule factory tours